Food grade plastic products, I will protect your safety

        The issue of food safety has become one of the hot topics discussed in the society. Not only the quality and safety of food itself are closely related to the health of consumers, but also food packaging has become a focus of attention, which is highly valued at home and abroad.

        The EU releases the 7th amendment to the food-grade plastic products regulations

        Recently, the European Union Official Journal (OJ) published the 7th Amendment (EU) 2017/752 of the Regulation (EU) 10/2011 on Plastic Products in Contact with Food. This revision once again added 6 authorized substances, added new migration restrictions for heavy metal nickel, further clarified the comprehensive migration of food simulants, and clarified the detailed requirements in the previous regulations and revised some wording expressions. According to reports, it can be seen from the new regulations that the European Union has stricter and stricter requirements for heavy metal limit standards for food contact products, especially the increase in the migration limit of nickel in plastic products.

        The pros and cons of food packaging will directly affect the safety and hygiene of food, but some food plastic packaging on the market currently has various problems. How to choose safe and hygienic food packaging or containers, Professor Han Yongsheng from the School of Packaging and Printing Engineering of Tianjin University of Science and Technology gave some suggestions. Professor Han believes that the first thing to look at is to choose transparent and colorless packaging or containers as much as possible. Many red and blue plastic bags on the market have hidden safety and sanitary hazards. It is best not to use the food directly ingested; secondly, touch, if the ink outside the package can be wiped off with your hands, do not use it; smell again, If the plastic bag has a pungent smell, it indicates that more additives have been added, and some of these additives are harmful to human health; and it is recommended to buy large brands of packaged foods, so there is a risk of packaging safety and sanitation problems. Smaller.

        For the health of your family and yourself, it is particularly important to understand the relevant professional knowledge of some commonly used food-grade plastic products. Such as PE polyethylene, divided into LDPE low-density high-pressure polyethylene and HDPE high-density polyethylene. PP is harder, HDPE is harder than PP, and LDPE is softer. HDPE is generally hollow. The cuts of LDPE are not neat, and the cuts of PP are flatter. The way to distinguish between PP and PE is to touch it with your hands. The softer is PE and the harder is PP.

Food grade plastic products type

        Food-grade plastic products are closely related to the food industry and the plastics industry. Therefore, the safety barrier must be well controlled and consumers must be trusted from the source. After all, only by gaining the trust of the people can build the masses. I will guard your safety so that the industry can develop vigorously.


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Use plastic food packaging with caution

On August 30, the provincial health supervision agency recently discovered in a special inspection of food packaging materials in the province that the food production and business unit cannot explain the manufacturer of plastic bags for food, nor can it provide corresponding inspection reports. Food packaging products contain food. Pollution hazards. The health supervision department issued the No. 12 Early Warning Announcement today, requiring consumers to use safe and hygienic food packaging products.    At present, some illegal vendors in the society use non-food raw materials (such as industrial raw materials) to produce, or use Inferior plastic bags made of recycled waste plastics have low transparency, poor elasticity, and some have a pungent odor. This type of product contains a variety of chemical substances that are harmful to the human body. If the oily food is contained, the harmful substances will dissolve in the grease, causing pollution to the food and endangering human health; the plasticizer is harmful to the human body after dissolution, and may have carcinogenic effects ; Components such as heavy metal lead will accumulate in the human body and affect human health. The health supervision agency requires catering units and supermarkets to strictly follow the "Food Sanitation Law" and related regulations to do a good job in obtaining certificates for food packaging products, and not to buy plastic products for food without conformity inspection reports; street food stalls and vendors are not allowed to buy Use plastic bags that do not meet hygienic requirements.

Plastic tableware purchase identification

When purchasing plastic tableware, it is first necessary to see if the logo is complete, and then look at the product.

Food-grade plastic bags can precipitate harmful substances when exposed to high temperatures. Experts recommend that plastic bags be used with caution

   Stalls use non-food grade plastic bags    Yangcheng Evening News reporter's investigation found that on the streets of Guangzhou, many supper stalls and food stalls directly use plastic bags to cover bowls for food. If some customers ask to be taken away, the owner will also use plastic bags.    At the Guangzhou Nantian International Hotel Supplies Wholesale Market, the reporter saw that there are many kinds of plastic bags with different prices. The price of plastic bags with food special marks and plastic bags without food special marks is two to five times different. In a wholesale store, a white plastic bag does not have any text signs, and the price is 4 yuan per bundle (100 pieces). Merchants said that in order to reduce costs, this plastic bag is very popular with various small food stalls.    experiment   Fire to identify whether plastic bags are poisonous Can the food in plastic bags be eaten safely? In this regard, a reporter from the Yangcheng Evening News bought several ordinary plastic bags (PVC polyvinyl chloride) and food-grade plastic bags (PE polyethylene), and sent them to Guangzhou every week for food and drug safety inspections. The institute conducts tests. The researchers conducted two sets of tests using the fire detection method and the high oil temperature hot melt performance detection method. Fire detection method: In a special laboratory cabinet, the researchers lit PE plastic bags and PVC plastic bags respectively. The former burned quickly after being ignited, and the flame was yellow. When it burned, it was like a candle with melt dripping on the ground; the latter flame It is yellow-green, flame-retardant and non-flammable. High oil temperature hot melt performance detection method: PVC plastic bags begin to deform when the oil temperature reaches 90℃, and their components will melt as the oil temperature rises; when the oil temperature exceeds 100℃, PE plastic bags will also slow down Slowly begin to soften and deform, and melt and melt as the oil temperature rises.   The staff said that general consumers can judge whether plastic bags are poisonous by hand: non-toxic plastic bags are milky white or colorless and transparent, and feel lubricious when touched; toxic plastic bags are cloudy or light yellow in color, and feel sticky.    remind    Use plastic bags carefully for food    Zhu Yi, an associate professor at the School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter that food-grade plastic bags are relatively safe to contain food. But if it encounters high temperature and high oil, the heavy metals, plasticizers and some unstable substances in the plastic bag will dissolve into the food and cause harm to the human body. She suggested that plastic bags should be used sparingly or with caution.

Inventory of common food grade plastics

Common food grade plastics include PET plastic, PP plastic, HDPE plastic, LDPE plastic, PS plastic, PC plastic and so on. 1. PET plastic: It is often used to make plastic boxes, beverage bottles and other products. The transparent fruit boxes and cake boxes that people often buy are packaging products made of PET sheets, which are food-grade safe plastic materials. 2. PP plastic: PP is one of the common plastics, which can be made into any food plastic packaging, such as food special plastic bags, food plastic boxes, food straws, etc. It is safe and non-toxic, and has good low temperature and high temperature resistance. PP is the only plastic that can be heated in a microwave oven and has high strength and flexural resistance. It will not be damaged when dropped from a height of 50,000 times at -20°C. Food grade PP sheets are often used for quick-frozen dumplings and microwave-heated food packaging. 3. HDPE plastic: commonly known as high-density polyethylene, it has higher service temperature, hardness, mechanical strength and good chemical resistance. It is a non-toxic and safe material and is often used in the production of plastic containers for food. 4. LDPE plastic: commonly known as low-density polyethylene, products made from it have the characteristics of odorless, odorless, non-toxic, and matt surface. Commonly used in food plastic parts, food packaging composite film, food preservation film, medicine, pharmaceutical plastic packaging, etc. 5. PS plastic: commonly used to make bowls of instant noodle boxes, fast food boxes, disposable food packaging boxes, etc., with good cold resistance. Food-grade PS sheets are often used in containers such as yogurt cups. 6. PC plastic: It can be used to make sports water cups, bottles, etc., and is widely used in the production of plastic containers.


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